Bone Roofing has 18 trucks in its fleet, manufactured by International and Peterbilt, some of the leaders in the trucking industry. All of our trucks are equipped with GPS navigation and LinxUp truck tracking. Having GPS allows our drivers to access the quickest routes to job sites at various times throughout the day. The LinxUp system provides our staff minute to minute tracking of our entire fleets location at any given time. This information is invaluable to always keeping our customers informed of arrival times. In addition to the great technology, our trucks simply look better than the competition. Our trucks and their tires are washed daily, making sure to have a clean delivery to homeowners. We pride ourselves on our trucks being our rolling billboards.


Knuckle Booms

Our knuckle booms are the ultimate tool when you’re in a tight squeeze. With multiple points of articulation, our knuckle booms not only reach high, but also are able to move in multiple directions, fit in narrow spaces, and move around obstacles a classic stick boom could not. We currently have 11 knuckle booms.


Stick Booms

We have four stick booms available to service our customers. The stick boom crane is a mainly vertical crane that allows you to gain the maximum height needed for a job- normally as high as five stories. This crane will ensure that no job is too big for your company.



Our 5 Moffetts have the capability to unload whole trucks in a fraction of the time. We can use the Moffetts all around the job site to move materials from location to location with ease all while boosting efficiency.