The Bone Promise

At Bone Roofing Supply early is on time, and on time is late! Being punctual is one of our values and something we take pride in as a company. Our daily goal is to uphold that value and ensure that we meet our delivery time commitments to you. We recognize that time is money, so having contractors stand around waiting for a delivery is not fair or right to do. In the unlikely event of any delay, we notify our customers as soon as possible so they can adjust their schedule to ensure that no time is wasted.

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Order Process

Unique to Bone Roofing Supply is our order checking process. Before an order is sent to the warehouse, our office staff checks the order by three different employees. Our employees have a long tenure in the roofing supply industry and often-times give helpful guidance and advice to the contractor during their order placement. Having such skilled and seasoned employees is something we take pride in, and it is also one of the many benefits you receive by ordering from Bone Roofing Supply. Once the order goes to the warehouse, our dedicated warehouse staff follows the same triple check system. Finally, our driver checks their load before leaving, as well as at the job-site to ensure there were no mistakes along the way.

The Bone family built this business on service.

We are very proud to continue to set the standard for service in the roofing material distribution industry! We look forward to hearing from you.