Company History


Bone Roofing Supply began one evening in September of 1971 over a dinner table in LaGrange Park, Illinois. 

Claybern and Hope Bone were discussing Clay’s dreams of owning his own roofing supply business, as they had many times before. Clay had worked in the industry for over 20 years. He had always been a salesman, and now he sold his idea to Hope. Clay mentioned he had spotted a warehouse at 4446 W. North Ave. in Chicago and that he had manufacturers in the business who would be willing to sell a new roofing supplier in the city. Mom, being 53, and Dad, being 56, decided that night it was then or never to give it a try. Clay’s whole plan could work except for two real necessities, labor and money.

Clay immediately called Bradley University where his twin boys were sophomores. He asked Jim and Jack to discuss and then decide on coming home the next day to be partners in this venture. The boys rapidly agreed and only then did Hope decide to bet her house on her twin’s ability to provide the labor for Bone Roofing Supply and took out a 2nd mortgage on their house. So, with $20,000.00 in their bank account, the 3 Bone men doing the work, and mom keeping the books, Bone Roofing Supply was born. It quickly became a company built on service and the Bones worked 12 to 14 hour days to give their customers the level of service they have since come to expect.


Over the last three decades, the business has consistently grown and acquired the tools necessary to maintain this service level , adding new employees and equipment as warranted.

Meanwhile, there was a new generation of Bones coming into the world and growing up. Each of the 3rd generation Bones have been brought up on the smell of tar and fresh cedar shingles. They’ve gone from riding in the truck with their father on weekends to working in the warehouse or office on school breaks. Unlike the previous generation, the 3rd generation has been required to finish college. They were not allowed to immediately come into the business, but rather were required to get experience in the outside world. Could anyone doubt where at least some of the Bones would end up? When you’re brought up with something almost 24 hours a day, it defines part of who you are.

In 2008, the first Bone of the 3rd generation came into the business.

A year later his brother joined him and in 2013 their cousin, Hope and Clay's granddaughter, joined the team. Hope and Clay would be so proud to see the business now, as Jason, Dennis, and Jacklyn Bone bring new concepts and new abilities into Bone Roofing Supply. Although it will continue to place service as a top priority item, it will also bring in new ideas to keep Bone Roofing Supply a resounding competitor in the Chicago Roofing Supply industry.

In early 2014 Bone Roofing Supply closed its doors on Narragansett Avenue in Chicago and opened up shop at 880 N. Addison Road in Villa Park, IL.  The move to Villa Park has been beneficial to Bone Roofing Supply and its customers for several reasons.  Logistically, Villa Park is in a great location with quick access to all major highways.  Many customers shifted business from Chicago to the suburbs, therefore, being a service based company, Bone Roofing can continue to make deliveries within hours of orders being placed.  The new facility also gives more storage space for the expanding business.  All Bone employees are looking forward to continuing the business for many generations to come at this new facility.

The rest of Bone Roofing Supply history has yet to be written…