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As an in-house service to our contractors, the Bone Roofing Tapered Design Team offers their specialty knowledge in the design of commercial roof systems.

Tapered polyiso insulation is an economical answer for roofs that don’t support adequate positive drainage. Poor drainage on commercial roofs can result in damage far more destructive than wind. This damage can be negated by using our Tapered Team to design the roof and use positive drainage.

Positive drainage is necessary to ensure a safe and long-lasting roof. In addition to the benefit to the building roof system itself, efficient tapered designs reduce material cost and waste, while also providing material calculations and layouts for the contractor. 

Since our Tapered team is in house, our customers no longer must worry about waiting to get a response from an offsite Tapered team. They are available to speak with at any time simply by calling the Bone Roofing office.

Using both Taper Plus and AutoCAD, our in-house team can turn requests around quicker than ever before to meet our customer’s bid request deadlines. We also provide laminated shop drawings to our customers.


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